Get Your Skin Ready for Spring

The winter months can do a lot more damage to your skin than you may realize.

Get Rid of Dead, Dry Skin

Every time you go out into the cold, the cold air and the wind are working to dry your skin out and make it chapped. Things do not get much better when you go inside your home, office or any other place. Most places during the winter have their heat turned up so that the air is very dry, causing your skin to dry even more and become cracked. This leaves you, as the warmer weather of spring approaches, with less than optimal skin conditions. It is time for you to get your skin ready for spring by taking a few simple steps:

  • Get Rid of Dead, Dry Skin Now is a good time for you to go to work on getting rid of those layers of dead, dry skin that have been building up in the winter. You can use a gentle scrub to help exfoliate away those dead skin cells and leave your face and body feeling new and refreshed.
  • Moisturizing is Important Just as getting rid of the dry skin is important, you also want to make sure that you are properly moisturizing your skin after you exfoliate. This is going to help to soften your skin and keep it healthy. Use a natural moisturizer that does not make use of chemicals and additives that can be harmful to you each day to help keep your skin feeling great. You may want to give special attention to your face and hands, since they get the most exposure to the cold air in the winter.
  • Prepare for Warmer Temps With the spring months is exposure to more sunshine hours. While the warm weather is going to feel great, you also want to make sure you are protecting your skin from the sun along the way. Now is a good time to start using a body lotion or moisturizer that makes use of some type of sunscreen so you have the proper protection.

Just by following these few simple hints you will find that your skin will benefit greatly. You will be able to get rid of the dry, itchy skin that plagues you in the winter and have the smooth, soft skin all over your body that you will be happy to bring out into the sun when spring arrives.

How to Take the Perfect Winter Bath

The cold weather is starting to settle in, indicating that winter is here and ready to do its damage. It means the cold, the wind and the snow will be around before you know it and all of it will be having an effect on your body and your skin. This type of weather can lead you to dry skin all over your body, making you itchy and uncomfortable in the winter months. There is a way that you can combat this so that you can be sure to keep up your silky smooth skin throughout the winter. All you need to do is learn how to take the perfect winter bath to survive it all.

Settling Into the Bath

Naturally you want to take a nice, warm bath in the winter to keep you warm and to help keep your skin moisturized. The best thing for you to do with your bath is to make a few simple additions to it to help your body along. You can add some seas salts to the bathwater that will help to relax you with their fragrance while they work to help smooth your skin. You can also try adding bath oil to your water to get the same desired effect. Either can help work wonders for you as you let yourself soak in the tub.

When You Get Out

When you get out of the tub your bath regimen is not quite over yet. To really help keep your skin smooth and feeling great you will want to use some type of lotion as a moisturizer for your skin. There are body oils that you can use that are not heavily fragranced that can help you seal in the moisture and protect your skin against the harsh winter weather you may face the next day.

Once you get yourself into the routine of taking a bath in the wintertime you may find that your skin is not only better than it has been in years but that you are feeling much more relaxed than you were before you started your bath routine. Take some time for yourself and pamper yourself with a nice bath rich with sea salts and use a salt scrub to cleanse the dead and dry skin off your body, leaving your body feeling fantastic all day and night throughout the winter.

 The Right Dose of Exercise for the Aging Brain

The right dose of exercise for the aging brain will still depend on how much you can tolerate. However, as this study showed, the more time you devote in working out, the more improvements you can experience with your thinking skills. Those who exercised the most appeared to obtain better cognitive test results than those who spent less time exercising. Then again, the researchers of such study concluded that a small dose of exercise is enough to enhance thinking. However, the more exercise you can perform, the more likely you can be more fit aerobically, which can provide you with better health effects. The study also suggested that brisk walking for at least 20 minutes a few times a week may improve our brains and keep them sharp as we grow older.

brain blood flow

Improving Blood Flow Going to the Brain

Exercising will not only help you sweat up but it will also assist you in improving blood flow to your brain, which enhances memory while improving your brain’s overall function. Those who exercise a lot tend to perform better in memory and attention tests than those who do not get a lot of exercise. Exercise can also help you de-stress. Even if you force yourself to exercise, you could still protect your brain against anxiety and stress.

But what exercise should you do?

Not all exercises are great for people. When you visit our clinic at Studio City, you can make a consultation with our work out specialist to assist you in finding out the best exercise for your condition. You might think that brisk walking is great but your joints and muscles might not allow you to do so.Most of our clients do not have the discipline to perform exercise on their own. We usually encourage them to join a class or exercise with friends.It is also ideal to track your progress. In this way, you will know if you are getting close to your goal. Back to Wellness Center has personal trainers who can work with you to keep you motivated. With proper motivation, your workout routine will be more consistent. Remember that you cannot see the results of your workout effort within a few sessions. Rather, you will have to do it consistently to obtain its real benefits. It does not matter what exercise you choose, as long as you can commit to it and make it as a habit.

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