The Perfect Gift Idea for Mother’s Day – Secret of the Islands

Valentine’s Day has passed, but it will not be long before you are thinking about what you need to get for Mother’s Day. While most people may be thinking about taking their mothers, mother-in-law or wife out to dinner or getting them flowers or candy, this should be the year where you try to come up with something that she will really love and appreciate. Why not consider giving her something that is luxurious and decadent and that she can use whenever she wants? This year try the Mother’s Day perfect gift idea – Secret of the Islands.

mothers day gift

Know the Products

Secret of the Islands is a great gift for that special lady in your life that has given so much. The products available are all made the natural way and use natural ingredients. Too many of the facial scrubs and body lotions and scrubs you find for sale today at stores and online are filled with all kinds of chemicals and additives.

While these may promise you to do great things, feel great and smell great, the truth they can be causing more than harm than good. Very often people have harsh reactions to these additives, making their skin break out or even get into their bloodstream and cause illness. Secret of the Islands keeps their products as pure and simple as possible, using natural island ingredients like sea salt, vitamins and minerals.

Many Options for You

The great thing about Secret of the Islands is that you have many different gift options to choose from. You can select from the complete line of body scrubs, lotions and salt scrubs to find just the right type and scent that she will like the most. There are also several gift baskets and samplers that make ideal gifts. All are available at great prices and you can have them shipped right to your door or to the recipient so it can be taken care of very easily.

Do not struggle through trying to come up with a gift this Mother’s Day. Instead, make the easy choice and get her something you know she will love and enjoy each day. Let Secret of the Islands be your gift of choice this year and you will always know what you can get for her each year when this special day rolls around again.


Take Advantage of a Sale – 30% Off on Secret of the Islands Products

Finding the best way to take care of your skin can be a challenge. Everyone always seems to have their own remedy and while some options may work for a little while, none ever seem to last very long. That is why you want to take the time to find a product line that offers you fantastic results all of the time. You can get just the smooth, silky skin you have always wanted when you make use of products from Secret of the Islands. Right now you can take advantage of a fantastic sale – 30% off on Secret of the Islands products.

A Solution That Really Works

Secret of the Islands is unlike any other skin products you will find on the market today. The product line is based around the sea salt scrub that is offered by the company. The scrub makes use of a secret recipe from the Bahamas that was used by fishermen to provide them with soothing relief and heal their hands after a day out at sea. The scrub is all-natural in nature so you do not have any chemicals or additives to it and it leaves the skin feeling soft and smooth all of the time. The scrub is perfect to use on your hands, feet and anywhere else on your body to provide you with the relief you want from dry skin.

Products at Great Prices

Secret of the Islands offers the sea salt scrub along with a variety of other products designed to help you achieve the skin that you want the most. All of the products are made naturally will help you to revitalize your body. You can get a variety of different types of scrubs, lotions, creams and gift baskets from the website and, for a limited time, you can take advantage of a site-wide sale so that you can get thirty percent off of any of the products that you order.

Sales like this do not come along all of the time and it will only run for a limited time so you want to take the time to look over the products available today so you can find just what you are looking for to use for yourself or to buy for gifts for others in your life. You will be glad you ordered once you run your hands over the smooth skin you get as a result.

Secret of the Islands Salt Scrub

People have always looked for ways to help them get rid of dry skin on their bodies. Whether it is from the top of work that you do, exposure to the weather or just that you have dry skin, you want to try to find a way to keep the moisture in and make your skin smooth, soft and supple. While there seems to be an endless amount of products for sale in the marketplace today, you want to take the time to find a product that works well and is not going to have any potential side effects to it. When you are looking for the perfect product to assist you with dry skin the Secret of the Islands Salt Scrub can be just what you need.

About the Company

Secret of the Islands has made its mark on the skin care products world thanks to its salt scrub. The original recipe of the scrub itself comes from a secret recipe that has long been used in the Bahamas by fishermen that are located there. After a rough day at work out in the sea they would return with cracked, tired and rough hands from all that they had done. Fishermen would use this unique salt scrub each day to make their hands feel more relaxed and smooth the skin, leaving them ready for the next day of work. This became the center piece of the Secret of the Islands line.

A Natural Way to Better Skin16

Secret of the Islands stands out from many of the other products that are sold today because it uses only natural ingredients in each of the products that it sells. While many other body oils and scrubs on the market are loaded with chemical additives and fragrances that could potentially cause allergic reactions or side effects to you, their products use only natural ingredients like sea salt and coconut oil to provide you with the relief that you are looking for.

If you want a product that works well and can help you get the soft, smooth skin on your hands, feet and body that you want the most, then you should take a look at the different products available from Secret of the Islands. You will find the perfect solutions for your dry skin that you can get for yourself or get one of the great gift baskets to give as gift to someone you love.

How to Take the Perfect Winter Bath

The cold weather is starting to settle in, indicating that winter is here and ready to do its damage. It means the cold, the wind and the snow will be around before you know it and all of it will be having an effect on your body and your skin. This type of weather can lead you to dry skin all over your body, making you itchy and uncomfortable in the winter months. There is a way that you can combat this so that you can be sure to keep up your silky smooth skin throughout the winter. All you need to do is learn how to take the perfect winter bath to survive it all.

Settling Into the Bath

Naturally you want to take a nice, warm bath in the winter to keep you warm and to help keep your skin moisturized. The best thing for you to do with your bath is to make a few simple additions to it to help your body along. You can add some seas salts to the bathwater that will help to relax you with their fragrance while they work to help smooth your skin. You can also try adding bath oil to your water to get the same desired effect. Either can help work wonders for you as you let yourself soak in the tub.

When You Get Out

When you get out of the tub your bath regimen is not quite over yet. To really help keep your skin smooth and feeling great you will want to use some type of lotion as a moisturizer for your skin. There are body oils that you can use that are not heavily fragranced that can help you seal in the moisture and protect your skin against the harsh winter weather you may face the next day.

Once you get yourself into the routine of taking a bath in the wintertime you may find that your skin is not only better than it has been in years but that you are feeling much more relaxed than you were before you started your bath routine. Take some time for yourself and pamper yourself with a nice bath rich with sea salts and use a salt scrub to cleanse the dead and dry skin off your body, leaving your body feeling fantastic all day and night throughout the winter.

Fall Scents from Secret of the Islands

There are many different things that people often associate with the fall season. For some it may be the falling leaves and the changing colors of the trees. For others it may be the crisp, cool weather that comes along in the fall months. It may also be the aromas and odors that remind you of the fall season that trigger it all for you. There is a certain atmosphere that can be created by the different scents often associated with fall and you may want to try to capture these scents so you have them with you throughout the day. You can take advantage of the fall scents from Secret of the Islands so that you can capture that feeling now and whenever you want to experience it.

The Smells of Fall

One of the typical smells of fall that people seem to love the most involves apples. Apples are well known to be abundant throughout the fall and carry a special scent all of their own. Some people immediately think of taking a walk through an apple orchard and enjoying all of the smells coming from the trees and surroundings. Others may think of the smells of warm apples cooking in the home and the beautiful aroma this can create when combined with the right spices. It can create a warming and comforting feeling in you that you want to have all of the time.

Capture the Aroma

Secret of the Islands has worked to help you recreate just this scent with its salt scrub. The salt scrub is perfect for you to use on your skin to help you naturally exfoliate away any dry skin and leave your skin feeling silky smooth all day long. You can use the scrub on your feet, hands and body to give you the wonderful, clean feeling you want. This scrub also features a wonderful Fall Apple scent to bring you the smells that remind you most of a warming sun in the fall surrounded by apples.

You can enjoy the wonderful feelings that the smells of fall can bring to you when you make use of the right products in your life. The items available from the Secret of the Islands will help you to recreate this feeling each day and provide you with the healthy glow to your skin that you want to have all year long.

How to Keep Your Skin Looking and Feeling Younger

Every person today may want to have the best looking skin they can possibly have all of the time, but there are many factors that can get in the way of this pursuit. Most people often take the look and feel of their skin for granted, paying little attention to it until a noticeable problem arises. By this point, damage may have already occurred that can be difficult to undo without invasive or surgical procedures being involved. If you are looking to avoid potential skin issues down the road then you want to be sure you learn how to keep your skin looking and feeling younger with Secret Of The Islands. 

Steps You Can Take

There are some basics that you can try on your own that can go a long way in helping to protect your skin. It is important that you keep your skin hydrated and healthy if you want to maintain its great, natural look. This is why doctors recommend that you stay hydrated and drink water throughout the day. You also will want to watch your diet and avoid potential harmful foods that are high in fats that can cause problems for your skin and pores. You also want to take care of your skin when you go outside to avoid potential damage from the harsh rays of the sun. Wear a hat and limit skin exposure to too much sun and use a sun block to help you.

Getting a Product to Assist You

There are also products sold in the marketplace today that can help you with your skin. These different lotions, masks and scrubs can all work to remove dead layers of skin on your body that can make your skin rough and clog pores, preventing your skin from growing properly. You want to make sure you find a product that is going to be effective for you to use but also safe for you. Take the time to choose products that use only natural ingredients and are not filled with chemicals that can be potential harmful to you and your skin.

When you take the right steps to help yourself with your skin you will find that you are able to achieve the healthy glow, look and feel to your skin that you have always wanted. With a little bit of care and effort on your part you can have great skin all of the time.

Secret Eucalyptus Salt Scrub


The benefits of using the Secret Eucalyptus salt scrub

Skin scrubs of various kinds have become increasingly popular in the past few years, and one of the most popular is the sale scrub. There are several reasons why the beauty-conscious choose to use these types of scrubs in their skin routines, and understanding how these scrubs can help to clean skin and improve the appearance can help you to make important choices about using scrubs, and getting the best from them.

Skin exfoliation

Most salt scrub sellers will tell customers that the main reason for choosing to use these scrubs is to exfoliate the skin. Exfoliation with a scrub is performed by rubbing the skin in small, circular motions. This action helps to take dead skin cells from the surface of the face, helping to brighten the skin. There are several reasons why daily exfoliation is recommended, not least because removing these dead skin cells can become rough, and may be trapped in pores with bacteria, causing spots. Exfoliation helps to prevent acne, and also brightens the skin, helping to make it look fresher and shinier. Exfoliating with scrubs can help to lift remnants of make-up, too, which helps to keep the skin clean.

Skin Exfoliations

Eucalyptus Salt Scrub

Eucalyptus Salt Scrub

Increased blood flow

Another significant reason for choosing a cleanser such as the secret Eucalyptus salt scrub is the benefits to circulation and increased blood flow around the skin. The rubbing action which is used to remove skin cells also helps to improve the circulation, boosting blood flow to areas which had previously been infected with acne, for example. By introducing more vigorous blood flow, the scrub can help with healing.

Regeneration and recovery

The skin is one of the main sources for infection entering the body, and so it needs to be kept clean and healthy. Salt is known to be beneficial in helping to clear bacteria away from the surface of the skin, and has antiseptic properties which can reduce inflammation associated with infection and skin diseases. Salt scrubs have also been shown to boost the regeneration of skin cells, firstly by removing the dead skin cells which encourages the body to produce more, and also by exposing new cells to the air, creating a faster turn-over of new cells. This process has been shown to increase skin tightening, firming up skin and helping to create a fresher appearance, and can also help with issues such as discoloration caused by scarring or sun blemishes.

Secret of the Islands Salt Scrubs

You can see more secret of the islands salt scrubs here.



Renew and rejuvenate your skin the way nature intended with Secret of The Islands

Freshening up the face can be done through a number of methods, including using scrubs and lotions. More and more beauty-conscious customers are choosing to buy natural beauty products that have no chemicals or unnatural ingredients included in them. This is particularly important for those with sensitive skin, or others with a specific reaction to ingredients in standard soaps and cleansers. Natural products can also use traditional elements which have been shown to benefit the user, such as the Bahamian recipes which allow customers to renew and rejuvenate your skin the way that nature intended with Secret of the Islands. Their contents, including scrubs, lotions and soaks, can help you to create great-looking skin.

salt scrubs

Using scrubs

Scrubs are one of the most popular ways to clear the skin and ensure that any dirt and debris are taken away from the surface of the face.  There were many different types of scrubs, but most include some form of salt. Salt is used as it is a natural grit, and therefore provides a rough surface that helps to exfoliate the skin, and it is also antiseptic, so it can be used on skin rashes and acne in order to reduce the risk of infection. Exfoliating the skin with natural ingredients can offer more protection, and reduce the chances of inflammation, giving better looking and fresher skin.

Using lotions

After exfoliation, it is also important to help the skin rejuvenate itself by adding moisturizing face creams. The combination of vitamin E and natural ingredients can be used to help plump out the skin, reducing fine lines and increasing the youthful look of the skin. These can help customers to feel fresher and younger.

Using soaks

Another way to rejuvenate the skin is through the use of bath soaks. These are ingredients which are added to the water, and help to exfoliate the skin in a less abrasive way than scrubs. Common ingredients include sea salt, which can be used to remove dead skin cells. The soak may also include other ingredients such as vitamin E, which encourages rejuvenation to the skin.  With a light fragrance, you can relax in comfort and soak your skin to a natural sheen. These soaks will also allow you to feel as though you were taking a luxurious spa bath on holiday, and can help to ease tension and stress.

Secret of The Islands Lotions and Soaks


Reach Beauty the Natural Way

It’s possible to reach beauty the natural way by using only skin care products made of natural ingredients. No artificial ones or chemicals that can harm your skin. By using only products containing organic, all-natural ingredients, you’ll achieve youthful appearance in a healthy way.

salt scrubExfoliate and Moisturize

The salt scrubs of Secret of the Islands are effective at shedding your dry skin and eliminate dead skin cells. They can also boost internal circulation. Exfoliating your skin on a regular basis will give you softer, smoother skin. It’s like having an entire spa treatment. The only difference is that you’re doing the exfoliating process in your own home within a few minutes.

Once your dead skin cells are gone, it’s essential that you apply soaks and lotions. Top your skin with them to further give your skin a healthy glow. Instead of purchasing expensive skin care products, opt for products made of real stuff. The soaks and lotions from the Secrets of the Islands are packed with essential nutrients to boost your collagen levels. They also reduce age spots, thereby, giving you youthful appearance.

Not Overdoing It

Your skin doesn’t have to be squeaky clean. Thus, you should not overly use facial and body cleansers. When you’re using a body scrub, make sure that it contains gentle, plant-derived ingredients so it won’t dry your skin.

The salt scrubs of Scent of the Islands have ph-balanced. In other words, their pH is almost the same with your skin. Thus, they don’t remove the oily substance and makeup without having to strip your skin’s natural oils. Never use exfoliators with low pH as they tend to cause dryness.

The soaks and lotions from the same company are considered to be multi-taskers as they don’t only hydrate skin but they also provide protection against sun’s rays. They contain plant-based ingredients, nutrients and non-irritating products.

Natural Beauty

Looking More Radiant

Unless you have the money to spend to undergo injections to get younger looking skin, the only way to reach beauty is the natural way. The skin care products of Secret of the Islands can help you accomplish your long-term goal of having beautiful skin, despite your age.

The ingredients in these products work quickly in smoothing and tightening your skin so your skin will feel softer, smoother like a baby.

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