Renew and rejuvenate your skin the way nature intended with Secret of The Islands

Freshening up the face can be done through a number of methods, including using scrubs and lotions. More and more beauty-conscious customers are choosing to buy natural beauty products that have no chemicals or unnatural ingredients included in them. This is particularly important for those with sensitive skin, or others with a specific reaction to ingredients in standard soaps and cleansers. Natural products can also use traditional elements which have been shown to benefit the user, such as the Bahamian recipes which allow customers to renew and rejuvenate your skin the way that nature intended with Secret of the Islands. Their contents, including scrubs, lotions and soaks, can help you to create great-looking skin.

salt scrubs

Using scrubs

Scrubs are one of the most popular ways to clear the skin and ensure that any dirt and debris are taken away from the surface of the face.  There were many different types of scrubs, but most include some form of salt. Salt is used as it is a natural grit, and therefore provides a rough surface that helps to exfoliate the skin, and it is also antiseptic, so it can be used on skin rashes and acne in order to reduce the risk of infection. Exfoliating the skin with natural ingredients can offer more protection, and reduce the chances of inflammation, giving better looking and fresher skin.

Using lotions

After exfoliation, it is also important to help the skin rejuvenate itself by adding moisturizing face creams. The combination of vitamin E and natural ingredients can be used to help plump out the skin, reducing fine lines and increasing the youthful look of the skin. These can help customers to feel fresher and younger.

Using soaks

Another way to rejuvenate the skin is through the use of bath soaks. These are ingredients which are added to the water, and help to exfoliate the skin in a less abrasive way than scrubs. Common ingredients include sea salt, which can be used to remove dead skin cells. The soak may also include other ingredients such as vitamin E, which encourages rejuvenation to the skin.  With a light fragrance, you can relax in comfort and soak your skin to a natural sheen. These soaks will also allow you to feel as though you were taking a luxurious spa bath on holiday, and can help to ease tension and stress.

Secret of The Islands Lotions and Soaks