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Why Secret of The Islands Giving Back is so important

As a growing business, it is easy to lose sight of what is important in life. Issues such as child care, teaching self-sufficiency, and managing projects to help the community can all be helped by businesses, and contributing to these charities is vital. Customers help us to give back to these charities through our programs, and we support a range of charities financed by our products. These include significant charities such as Acts Metro and New Hope Children’s Home.

Acts MetroActs Metro

Acts Metro is a charity which supports families facing financial difficulties, particularly those classed as ‘in crisis’. There are many families that fall under this classification currently in the US, and Acts Metro seeks to provide help to families in SC. This will include food, social service communication, counselling, budget and action planning, and assistance with the essential details of family life. What this means is that the family will get enough help to ensure that they come through their difficult patch, and they can then move on with their lives, managing their finances more efficiently and coming out of crisis. Acts Metro therefore focuses not only on immediate provisions of essentials, but also in the long-term future of the family.

The Palmetto Project

logo palmetto projectHelp in South Carolina can all too easily become focused upon one single aspect of residents’ lives. The Palmetto Project seeks to help the community by improving the community through a number of areas, including Health Care, Civic Participation, Community engagement and Families and Schools. In one example of their initiatives, The Palmetto Project helped to make South Carolina the national leader for child immunization and child coverage on Medicaid. These initiatives have helped to improve the lives of residents, and also ensured that the community suffers fewer outbreaks of preventable illnesses.

International charities

As well as working with charities to benefit people in the US, the Secret of the Islands Giving Back project also helps people in other parts of the world by sponsoring charities and missions in other countries. These would include the New Hope Children’s Home, which offers support and protection to homeless children in Peru. This charity has been working for more than 20 years to provide education, care and support for each child that they take into their homes. Children cared for by New Hope have a much better chance of a future than if they had continued to live on the streets.

Secret of the Islands New Hope Children’s Home Charity in Peru