Reach Beauty the Natural Way

It’s possible to reach beauty the natural way by using only skin care products made of natural ingredients. No artificial ones or chemicals that can harm your skin. By using only products containing organic, all-natural ingredients, you’ll achieve youthful appearance in a healthy way.

salt scrubExfoliate and Moisturize

The salt scrubs of Secret of the Islands are effective at shedding your dry skin and eliminate dead skin cells. They can also boost internal circulation. Exfoliating your skin on a regular basis will give you softer, smoother skin. It’s like having an entire spa treatment. The only difference is that you’re doing the exfoliating process in your own home within a few minutes.

Once your dead skin cells are gone, it’s essential that you apply soaks and lotions. Top your skin with them to further give your skin a healthy glow. Instead of purchasing expensive skin care products, opt for products made of real stuff. The soaks and lotions from the Secrets of the Islands are packed with essential nutrients to boost your collagen levels. They also reduce age spots, thereby, giving you youthful appearance.

Not Overdoing It

Your skin doesn’t have to be squeaky clean. Thus, you should not overly use facial and body cleansers. When you’re using a body scrub, make sure that it contains gentle, plant-derived ingredients so it won’t dry your skin.

The salt scrubs of Scent of the Islands have ph-balanced. In other words, their pH is almost the same with your skin. Thus, they don’t remove the oily substance and makeup without having to strip your skin’s natural oils. Never use exfoliators with low pH as they tend to cause dryness.

The soaks and lotions from the same company are considered to be multi-taskers as they don’t only hydrate skin but they also provide protection against sun’s rays. They contain plant-based ingredients, nutrients and non-irritating products.

Natural Beauty

Looking More Radiant

Unless you have the money to spend to undergo injections to get younger looking skin, the only way to reach beauty is the natural way. The skin care products of Secret of the Islands can help you accomplish your long-term goal of having beautiful skin, despite your age.

The ingredients in these products work quickly in smoothing and tightening your skin so your skin will feel softer, smoother like a baby.

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