Your Skin’s New Year’s Resolution

Every year when the New Year rolls around you start to think about all of thing things you want to change in your life to make things better for the coming year. While many people may talk about weight loss, changing diets, changing their hair or fashion, one area you may want to think about is doing something better for your skin this year. You want your skin and complexion to look and feel its best all throughout the year and the only way that is going to happen is if you take proper care of it. It is time for you to set forth your skin’s New Year resolution to be better and healthier than it has ever been.

The Steps to Take

For many people today dry skin seems to be more of the norm and there never seems to be anything that you can really do about it. The weather, your environment at work and home and even the foods you eat can all contribute to the dry skin you may have, leaving your body feeling dry and itchy and your skin looking less than its best. There are steps that you can take to treat your skin properly throughout the year to make things better for yourself. Keeping yourself properly hydrated is just one step you can take. The right amount of water in your body each day can help to keep your skin refreshed and hydrated. Another step is to find the products that can work to get you the skin you want most.

Seek out the Right Help

There are many products on the market today that promise to provide you with soft, silky skin, but you do want to be careful about what you use. Many lotions and scrubs are loaded with all kinds of chemicals and additives that can cause adverse reactions to your skin, particularly if your skin is sensitive. Find scrubs and lotions that make use of natural ingredients like sea salts and extracts to provide you with the best and safest results.

When you make a resolution to have better skin this year and take the steps you need to get there you will not only look better each day but you feel much better as well. Your skin will be completely invigorated and glow like it has not done for years, providing you with the look you want the most each day.


Secrets of the Islands provides a wide selection of high quality natural products such as scrub and lotion for your skin.

The Perfect Gift for Her for Valentine’s Day

Even though it may seem like Christmas was not that long ago, there is another holiday right around the corner for you. Valentine’s Day is fast approaching and you want to make sure you have something great for the special lady in your life this year. You have gone the route with flowers and candy dozens of times before and the routine seems to be getting old. How great would it be if you could come up with something new that she will truly love, enjoy and use? Luckily, there is the perfect option available to you with some great body scrubs and lotions.

Let Her Love Her Silky Skin

basket and giftBody scrubs and lotions can be a fantastic gift to give and they can be incredibly romantic as well, making them the perfect gift for her for Valentines. Think about how happy she will be to get a gift of a great body scrub and lotion that smells great and feels fantastic on her skin. She can use the scrub each day in the shower or when she takes a bath and come out with skin that is silky smooth and radiant, making her look and feel better than ever before. The silky skin will feel great no matter what clothing she chooses to wear and she will think of you each time she uses your gift.

Many Options Available

Since there are many different scrubs and lotions on the market today, you do want to be careful about what you choose to buy and give as a gift. Look for lotions and scrubs that are made from natural ingredients so you do not have to worry about getting something that may have harmful chemicals or additives in them that can cause a rash or adverse reaction. Natural products will not be harsh on the skin and provide her with a safe and effective way to get the smooth feeling she wants the most.

You can find great gift baskets and sets that combine the scrubs and lotions in scents that she really enjoys the most so you can put them together to create the perfect present for Valentine’s Day this year. Instead of going for flowers that only last a few days or a stuffed animal she may not really want, get something that is going to be ideal for her and that she will thank you for all the time.

Secret of the Islands has all natural products you can buy as a perfect gift for Valentine’s Day.

Secret Of The Islands Giving Back

giving back

Why Secret of The Islands Giving Back is so important

As a growing business, it is easy to lose sight of what is important in life. Issues such as child care, teaching self-sufficiency, and managing projects to help the community can all be helped by businesses, and contributing to these charities is vital. Customers help us to give back to these charities through our programs, and we support a range of charities financed by our products. These include significant charities such as Acts Metro and New Hope Children’s Home.

Acts MetroActs Metro

Acts Metro is a charity which supports families facing financial difficulties, particularly those classed as ‘in crisis’. There are many families that fall under this classification currently in the US, and Acts Metro seeks to provide help to families in SC. This will include food, social service communication, counselling, budget and action planning, and assistance with the essential details of family life. What this means is that the family will get enough help to ensure that they come through their difficult patch, and they can then move on with their lives, managing their finances more efficiently and coming out of crisis. Acts Metro therefore focuses not only on immediate provisions of essentials, but also in the long-term future of the family.

The Palmetto Project

logo palmetto projectHelp in South Carolina can all too easily become focused upon one single aspect of residents’ lives. The Palmetto Project seeks to help the community by improving the community through a number of areas, including Health Care, Civic Participation, Community engagement and Families and Schools. In one example of their initiatives, The Palmetto Project helped to make South Carolina the national leader for child immunization and child coverage on Medicaid. These initiatives have helped to improve the lives of residents, and also ensured that the community suffers fewer outbreaks of preventable illnesses.

International charities

As well as working with charities to benefit people in the US, the Secret of the Islands Giving Back project also helps people in other parts of the world by sponsoring charities and missions in other countries. These would include the New Hope Children’s Home, which offers support and protection to homeless children in Peru. This charity has been working for more than 20 years to provide education, care and support for each child that they take into their homes. Children cared for by New Hope have a much better chance of a future than if they had continued to live on the streets.

Secret of the Islands New Hope Children’s Home Charity in Peru



Secret Eucalyptus Salt Scrub


The benefits of using the Secret Eucalyptus salt scrub

Skin scrubs of various kinds have become increasingly popular in the past few years, and one of the most popular is the sale scrub. There are several reasons why the beauty-conscious choose to use these types of scrubs in their skin routines, and understanding how these scrubs can help to clean skin and improve the appearance can help you to make important choices about using scrubs, and getting the best from them.

Skin exfoliation

Most salt scrub sellers will tell customers that the main reason for choosing to use these scrubs is to exfoliate the skin. Exfoliation with a scrub is performed by rubbing the skin in small, circular motions. This action helps to take dead skin cells from the surface of the face, helping to brighten the skin. There are several reasons why daily exfoliation is recommended, not least because removing these dead skin cells can become rough, and may be trapped in pores with bacteria, causing spots. Exfoliation helps to prevent acne, and also brightens the skin, helping to make it look fresher and shinier. Exfoliating with scrubs can help to lift remnants of make-up, too, which helps to keep the skin clean.

Skin Exfoliations

Eucalyptus Salt Scrub

Eucalyptus Salt Scrub

Increased blood flow

Another significant reason for choosing a cleanser such as the secret Eucalyptus salt scrub is the benefits to circulation and increased blood flow around the skin. The rubbing action which is used to remove skin cells also helps to improve the circulation, boosting blood flow to areas which had previously been infected with acne, for example. By introducing more vigorous blood flow, the scrub can help with healing.

Regeneration and recovery

The skin is one of the main sources for infection entering the body, and so it needs to be kept clean and healthy. Salt is known to be beneficial in helping to clear bacteria away from the surface of the skin, and has antiseptic properties which can reduce inflammation associated with infection and skin diseases. Salt scrubs have also been shown to boost the regeneration of skin cells, firstly by removing the dead skin cells which encourages the body to produce more, and also by exposing new cells to the air, creating a faster turn-over of new cells. This process has been shown to increase skin tightening, firming up skin and helping to create a fresher appearance, and can also help with issues such as discoloration caused by scarring or sun blemishes.

Secret of the Islands Salt Scrubs

You can see more secret of the islands salt scrubs here.



Renew and rejuvenate your skin the way nature intended with Secret of The Islands

Freshening up the face can be done through a number of methods, including using scrubs and lotions. More and more beauty-conscious customers are choosing to buy natural beauty products that have no chemicals or unnatural ingredients included in them. This is particularly important for those with sensitive skin, or others with a specific reaction to ingredients in standard soaps and cleansers. Natural products can also use traditional elements which have been shown to benefit the user, such as the Bahamian recipes which allow customers to renew and rejuvenate your skin the way that nature intended with Secret of the Islands. Their contents, including scrubs, lotions and soaks, can help you to create great-looking skin.

salt scrubs

Using scrubs

Scrubs are one of the most popular ways to clear the skin and ensure that any dirt and debris are taken away from the surface of the face.  There were many different types of scrubs, but most include some form of salt. Salt is used as it is a natural grit, and therefore provides a rough surface that helps to exfoliate the skin, and it is also antiseptic, so it can be used on skin rashes and acne in order to reduce the risk of infection. Exfoliating the skin with natural ingredients can offer more protection, and reduce the chances of inflammation, giving better looking and fresher skin.

Using lotions

After exfoliation, it is also important to help the skin rejuvenate itself by adding moisturizing face creams. The combination of vitamin E and natural ingredients can be used to help plump out the skin, reducing fine lines and increasing the youthful look of the skin. These can help customers to feel fresher and younger.

Using soaks

Another way to rejuvenate the skin is through the use of bath soaks. These are ingredients which are added to the water, and help to exfoliate the skin in a less abrasive way than scrubs. Common ingredients include sea salt, which can be used to remove dead skin cells. The soak may also include other ingredients such as vitamin E, which encourages rejuvenation to the skin.  With a light fragrance, you can relax in comfort and soak your skin to a natural sheen. These soaks will also allow you to feel as though you were taking a luxurious spa bath on holiday, and can help to ease tension and stress.

Secret of The Islands Lotions and Soaks


What You Put on Your Skin is Equally as Important as What You Put into Your Body

You’ve heard it before that you are what you eat. This time, you can add – what you put on your skin is equally as important as what you put into your body.The substances affecting your health don’t enter your system through the gut. Most of the time, those substances enter through a transdermal route, which is often an overlooked pathway. With this route, you’re allowing anything to enter your bloodstream and go throughout your body.

What are You?salt scrub

Whether you’re a man or a woman, it’s most likely that you’re using personal care products. From the moment you wake up, your routine starts.Before applying anything onto your skin, stop for a moment. Look at the beauty products you’re using. How many of them contain artificial ingredients?The real issue here isn’t the number of products you’re using but the ingredients in those beauty products. What happens when they enter your bloodstream? This is surely a cause for concern.

Natural Ingredients

Since we already know the ingredients of most beauty products and what they can do to your overall health, it’s best to avoid those that contain artificial or toxic ingredients.The Secret of the Islands offer skin care products formulated using natural oils that can hydrate skin, address oily spots, shrink large pores appearance, etc.

Applying Toxic Ingredients to Your Skin

Some cosmetic companies would argue that those toxic ingredients in their products won’t do any harm in their users’ skin as they’re only used in tiny amounts. Thus, they’re not harmful.Then again, most of us are using more than 10 products a day. If you’re going to add those several applications each day, then those toxic chemicals can really add up. And later on, they can wreak havoc on your health and body.This is why the Secret of the Islands only utilize the safest, all-natural ingredients to all of their products. Thus, you won’t find parabens in their skin care items. Parabens are commonly found in skincare items. They can mimic estrogen causing the estrogen level to go above the normal levels. As a result, your body’s muscle mass decreases while your fat deposits are increased.The soaks and lotions and salt scrubs of the company contain all-natural ingredients that are proven to be safe and effective in hydrating skin. To learn more about their products, visit.

Toxic Makeup

 The Right Dose of Exercise for the Aging Brain

The right dose of exercise for the aging brain will still depend on how much you can tolerate. However, as this study showed, the more time you devote in working out, the more improvements you can experience with your thinking skills. Those who exercised the most appeared to obtain better cognitive test results than those who spent less time exercising. Then again, the researchers of such study concluded that a small dose of exercise is enough to enhance thinking. However, the more exercise you can perform, the more likely you can be more fit aerobically, which can provide you with better health effects. The study also suggested that brisk walking for at least 20 minutes a few times a week may improve our brains and keep them sharp as we grow older.

brain blood flow

Improving Blood Flow Going to the Brain

Exercising will not only help you sweat up but it will also assist you in improving blood flow to your brain, which enhances memory while improving your brain’s overall function. Those who exercise a lot tend to perform better in memory and attention tests than those who do not get a lot of exercise. Exercise can also help you de-stress. Even if you force yourself to exercise, you could still protect your brain against anxiety and stress.

But what exercise should you do?

Not all exercises are great for people. When you visit our clinic at Studio City, you can make a consultation with our work out specialist to assist you in finding out the best exercise for your condition. You might think that brisk walking is great but your joints and muscles might not allow you to do so.Most of our clients do not have the discipline to perform exercise on their own. We usually encourage them to join a class or exercise with friends.It is also ideal to track your progress. In this way, you will know if you are getting close to your goal. Back to Wellness Center has personal trainers who can work with you to keep you motivated. With proper motivation, your workout routine will be more consistent. Remember that you cannot see the results of your workout effort within a few sessions. Rather, you will have to do it consistently to obtain its real benefits. It does not matter what exercise you choose, as long as you can commit to it and make it as a habit.

Plank Exercise Free Weights


Reach Beauty the Natural Way

It’s possible to reach beauty the natural way by using only skin care products made of natural ingredients. No artificial ones or chemicals that can harm your skin. By using only products containing organic, all-natural ingredients, you’ll achieve youthful appearance in a healthy way.

salt scrubExfoliate and Moisturize

The salt scrubs of Secret of the Islands are effective at shedding your dry skin and eliminate dead skin cells. They can also boost internal circulation. Exfoliating your skin on a regular basis will give you softer, smoother skin. It’s like having an entire spa treatment. The only difference is that you’re doing the exfoliating process in your own home within a few minutes.

Once your dead skin cells are gone, it’s essential that you apply soaks and lotions. Top your skin with them to further give your skin a healthy glow. Instead of purchasing expensive skin care products, opt for products made of real stuff. The soaks and lotions from the Secrets of the Islands are packed with essential nutrients to boost your collagen levels. They also reduce age spots, thereby, giving you youthful appearance.

Not Overdoing It

Your skin doesn’t have to be squeaky clean. Thus, you should not overly use facial and body cleansers. When you’re using a body scrub, make sure that it contains gentle, plant-derived ingredients so it won’t dry your skin.

The salt scrubs of Scent of the Islands have ph-balanced. In other words, their pH is almost the same with your skin. Thus, they don’t remove the oily substance and makeup without having to strip your skin’s natural oils. Never use exfoliators with low pH as they tend to cause dryness.

The soaks and lotions from the same company are considered to be multi-taskers as they don’t only hydrate skin but they also provide protection against sun’s rays. They contain plant-based ingredients, nutrients and non-irritating products.

Natural Beauty

Looking More Radiant

Unless you have the money to spend to undergo injections to get younger looking skin, the only way to reach beauty is the natural way. The skin care products of Secret of the Islands can help you accomplish your long-term goal of having beautiful skin, despite your age.

The ingredients in these products work quickly in smoothing and tightening your skin so your skin will feel softer, smoother like a baby.

Find out more about the natural solutions to reach beauty the natural way through Secret of the Islands by visiting: