Secret of The Islands focus is to make high quality all natural beauty products with a homemade feel. Our scrubs are not only exfoliating, but rejuvenating as well, made with soothing botanicals and other all natural ingredients. The recipe may be secret, but the results are not, with a beautiful complexion and silky smooth skin that nobody could deny. Though our products are simple, made with minimal ingredients, the quality is outstanding. We focus on amazing beauty products that anybody’s body would be thankful for.

We believe utilizing all natural ingredients is extremely important as the market is flooded with false claims for “natural” beauty products. Our scrubs are made not only high quality, but in small batches, ensuring a focused product that rivals any leading brands.

Secret of The Islands

Use our scrubs all over, hands, feet, and body as desired. The power of our natural scrubs exfoliate and cleanse deep down, leaving you refreshed and nourished without drawing any much needed moisture and natural oils. Many similar products can leave your skin either too dry or too greasy, but secret of the islands products leave you feeling brad new and natural.

Secret Of The Islands All natural scrubs is also great for removing lingering odors left over by things like household items or food products. Things like garlic, cheese, and fish can leave smells that are hard to wash off, but our scrubs do the job like any other product, minus the artificial dyes and abrasive chemicals that can easily be absorbed through your skin. So not only are you moisturized but also you smell great.

Secrets of the Islands

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We don’t just sell female beauty products, but scrubs for men as well. These scents are less tropical and more woodsy for a pleasant masculine scent any man can appreciate.

Once you’ve tried our scrubs you’ll fall in love with our rejuvenating body butters, face creams, and cellulite reducers. These creams also moisturize, cleanse, and tone skin to perfection.

With our cellulite reducers you’ll notice firmer healthier looking skin that diminishes the appearance of unsightly cellulite. By tightening and firming the skin but also providing moisture, the result is an undeniable beauty enhancement leaving your confident and invigorated.


Our body butter is enriched with vitamin E, compounded with secret formula ingredients that keep your skin looking gorgeous with a healthy natural glow. Body butters are perfect for a casual pick me up in the middle of the day when your skin may be dried out or lacking nutrients.

Our face cream is a vitamin enriched anti aging lotion designed to reduce fine lines and wrinkles. Life is worth living beautifully, so don’t let pesky wrinkles stand between you and looking your best.

Our salt soak is beyond bliss, meant to make your bath a relaxing getaway you’ve been waiting to escape to. Let your mind run free while your skin is given to a much needed spa level treatment some people would pay hundreds for. At secret of the islands, it’s quality, it’s natural, it’s beautiful.